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The Vesta Group is an entrepreneurial development & asset management company focused on creating exceptional places that add to the lives of those who live, work, or visit. The Vesta Group is 100% owned by its founding director, this ensures our priorities are focused purely on our partners and projects.  Vesta are specialists in sourcing, managing and delivering complex projects throughout the uk; but above all we are people who are passionate about creating exceptional places.


As a forward thinking company we thrive on complex and ambitious projects that will benefit from our fundamental belief in partnership, creativity & excellence.


Vesta’s aim is to work seamlessly and collaboratively with partners & clients; bringing our passion and development expertise to successfully deliver projects, maximise returns and creating outstanding places.


Our team draws on its significant experience to provide expert oversight across all phases of the development & asset management process; from project identification and feasibility, through to completion, property management set-up and exit.



The Vesta Team draws upon our wealth of hands on experience to swiftly identify and analyse opportunities, identify value creation, solve development challenges and deliver successful, financially rewarding projects.


Driven by our desire to positively impact and inspire our partners, the end user and the wider community, Vesta brings our extensive knowledge, unrivalled energy and enthusiasm to each project we work upon.


We have ultimate belief in our capabilities and seek to build long term relationships with our clients by offering our total commitment to partnership, collaboration and success.


Our team works closely with our clients and partners to understand their objectives and we strive to ensure each project goal is met.


Our team are experienced client side developers who have worked on some of the most exciting projects in the UK. We have pride and passion for what we do and as a result we excel in all areas of technical and commercial development management.

Our core strength is working collaboratively with Public & Private sector clients and JV partners to provide the full development overview. We explore all options, unlock sites, create strategy and find unseen angles to maximise returns.

As Development Managers Vesta takes full day to day ownership of the project from land acquisition through to outturn, however we have also undertaken specific roles alongside our clients existing teams when required.


At Vesta we are experienced in all areas of land, development and planning.

We have the ability to look long term to meet the strategic needs of our partners business, be it promoting land through the planning system, or reviewing a portfolio to identify bespoke solutions. Whatever the asset, the approach we take is always a holistic review of the value creation and placemaking process.

Our experienced team can assist in all geographical locations across all sectors; from a single building to a phased mixed-use or regeneration scheme.

Vesta can provide a one off piece of work to help initial decision making or we can provide long term strategic support to help our partners break into a new sector.


As experienced developers, we understand the complexities of real estate and importance of maximising assets for the long term.

Vesta ensures long term value creation is embedded into our thought process from the start. Our team do this by understanding where the final asset should be positioned to meet sector trends and value aspirations. Our team will then formulate and implement a strategy to get there.

As developers, we can see opportunities that many commercial asset managers overlook, this allows us to unlock significant hidden value.


The team at Vesta have vast experience across all real estate sectors, some of which was gained prior to joining us.  The following images highlight just a few of the projects our team have been heavily involved with, either at Vesta or prior to joining us.
In Residential & Mixed Use

Residential & Mixed Use, Southwark

In Retail & Hotel

Mixed Use Redevelopment, Old Street, London

In Residential & Mixed Use

Residential & Retail, Stratford, London

In Residential & Mixed Use

Residential Development, White City, London

In Residential & Mixed Use

Retail & Residential, Canada Water, London

In Residential & Mixed Use

Mixed Use Development, Aldgate, London

In Residential & Mixed Use

Luxury Apartments, London Bridge

In Residential & Mixed Use

Large Scale Apartment Scheme, Islington, London

In Residential & Mixed Use

Estate Regeneration, Hackney, London

In Retail & Hotel

Hotel Mayfair London

In Retail & Hotel

Town Centre Regeneration, Crawley

In Retail & Hotel

Town Centre Regeneration, Preston

In Retail & Hotel

Residential & Retail, Mayfair

In Residential & Mixed Use

Casino,Retail and Office, Nottingham

In Residential & Mixed Use

Apartment Development, Mayfair, London

In Residential & Mixed Use

Brownfield Rengeneration, Cambridge

In Residential & Mixed Use


In Residential & Mixed Use

Housing, East Midlands

In Residential & Mixed Use

Confidential Residential, South London

In Residential & Mixed Use

Brownfield Regeneration, York

In Residential & Mixed Use

Confidential Aquisition, Yorkshire

In Residential & Mixed Use

Confidential Housing, Yorkshire


Our team is passionate about property & regeneration.
If you would like to talk to us about a new opportunity, a project role, or if you just would like to know more about us, please get in touch.